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Left u

Sad that I had to leave you…of course!
Because you are such a beautiful creature, and I like you

It shouldnt be no problem if I dont fall for you, even if you are the most beautiful thing in my mind…..


Mati Rasa *sounds like a friendly song in recent condition

Takkan ku sangka
Sejak pertama semua ini terjadi
Seakan hujan datang
Membawa dinginnya takkan reda
Buang saja kasihmu
Ku tak mau kau ada di sini

Aku mati rasa
Ketika kau bersamanya
Tak ada lagi perasaan
Tak bisa lagi ku merasakan cinta
Uu uu uu

Tak kan ku sangka
Sejak pertama semua ini terjadi
Seakan hujan datang
Membawa dingin yang takkan reda
Buang saja kasihmu
Ku tak mau kau ada di sini

Aku mati rasa
Ketika kau bersamanya
Tak ada lagi perasaan
Tak bisa lagi ku merasakan cinta
Aa aa aa aa mati rasa
Biarkan saja aku sendiri
Ku ingin sepi

Gloating In Pain, Driving Me Insane.

Afterall, I’m not beautiful

I said that like hundred times before gloating in pain.

I can’t imagine that I will compete w/ my bestfriend over him.

Absolutely, he hates me and absolutely he loves her.

He even turned his chair so that I couldn’t stare again @him for hours.

I really disapointed w/ my bestfriend, she has boyfriend already. She got evrything, evry single thing that a girl wants.

I can’t imagine that this will happen.

I just feel sorry for myself. Because I can choose to just say NO and goodbye to my feeling. But I can’t. I still can’t.

Ouch, what a pain T__________T


I felt miserable today, after heard you talkin about some girls that u might like… Ouch! That just hurt my feelin.

I don’t know if I can adore u anymore, in my eyes, u’re different now…. u’re not as gentle as I met u before………..

and also, I doubt if I could bear to see u evryday! oooh, this is sooo too much….. I can’t think straight, even I left my cellphone accidentally…. huoooo, crying a river…..

Sombody please help me….. 😦

Received e-mail

Whuaaaah, I hv to clear my mind, from all of this!! (-.-)

I can’t think about anything, except to submit resignation letter ASAP!

Lost and confused —> really annoying

That day I talked to myself that I need this job, I need money

So I closed my eyes and hoped that this afternoon argument with my senior would settle in peace, hehe

I still need to finish my job, so I scanned quickly through all pages, all sticky notes on my desk and notebook.

Then, I found somthing interesting on the screen of my notebook. I was an e-mail from koko, asking me to send him an important file. I re-read his e-mail hundred times!

I love how he mentioned my name, well not real mentioning… 🙂 But it still nice.

Met You

I was wandering that morning… looking for some friends I might know…. But I realized that I’m alone, as usual, on my own….

I walked slowly, lazily I guess, I chose a seat, next to a wall, the savest spot I found, hehe

Then the training began…

I’m glad I could relax a bit, as I felt tired, after being hard to myself all this week

I was listening to the tutor, she’s smart and pretty, she wore nice dark blue dress with executive look, but cheerful voice as she spoke in front of us, introducing herself, …hmmm interesting person…..

I’m not a big fan of technology, eventhough I use it evryday, hehe… So I let my mind twirling around the room…., then he walked in.

My heart fluterred a bit, as he sat down beside my seat…. I remembered that it was a very super-rare occassion, when people actually want to sit beside me….

And then he moved his chair 2 inches nearer to my seat, his fragrance made my head swum….

He wore blue checkered shirt and blue jeans, a pair of sneakers, his hair must be carefully styled by him…

I slapped myself (in my imagination of course) as I can’t stop analyzed evry detail of him. It was really annoying!!!

After several minutes, I was very surprised, he talked to me….. He asked me a question, about the topic.. I was driven crazy, I wish I didn’t waste my time by daydreaming, because I failed to answer it,…. (ouchh…..)

During coffee break, I asked my friend, about him……

His name was unfamiliar to me… I never had a friend named by his name….

At the end of the course, I greet him, I said: “Nice meeting you…”

He just smiled a little, confused perhaps, but it’s okay, I’ll Live…

Waiting for you to Rock My World… :D

This is the “Koko Blog”.. 🙂

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